Monday, 30 November 2009

Web down

Our connection was down most of Sunday and into early Monday so no post, shame I was doing so well with daily posts.


Still I got some crafting done. I made all the gift tags for the prezzies and today I made some more for MIL to use. I also wrapped all our gifts and the table gifts we have as well. Then we finished the decs so now for some pictures.


First our tree, much the same as last year,  tree

no new ornaments either. Reminder to self to try and find some this year.


I made the tree surround some years ago but it always makes me smile, here is a close up of some of the snowflakes.tree cloth


I can’t remember how long it took to make but it was fun.




Then there is my favourite candle, it was a gift from my cousin who is no longer with us so it is extra special, apart from being beautiful.










I also spent some time making a Christmas card for Chris, cARD it is mainly stamped with just a few peel offs. It is not difficult to make, just leave me a comment if you want to know how and I will explain.







I have been looking for ideas for his birthday today, I want something that is a bit unusual and masculine at the same time – any ideas would be great.

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