Thursday, 29 July 2010

Nearly there now

I have been managing to find some time each day to scrap the holiday photos and I have just 4 LOs to go and it will be finished. I am not posting them all here, there are rather a lot and some of them I have kept really simple so I can get more than a couple of photos on each page. i don’t know about you but I always find 4 or more pics can be cluttered and, when I put that many on one page I keep the embellishments and things down to a bare minimum. Anyway here are some from the last weeks efforts.



Our fist night was spent moored to the bank with this in view, the other side of the river were 2 water pumps that look like windmills. A great start to the week as it was really peaceful.









So many of the houses by the water are thatched in the traditional way. Dream homes!













I love swans, even though they can be quite aggressive, they always look so graceful.














Chris spotted this when we went for a walk and it wasn’t till we got home that I could identify it as a tiger moth caterpillar. I have a picture of the end result (the moth) which is going on a tag to add to the LO.








There are about 7 pages of mills in the album. This is the first and shows 5 different ones some working and some not. They are mainly used to pump water from the land.







The remaining ones will hopefully be completed over the next couple of days and the album will be complete. Strangely for me I know what I will be doing once it is finished. I need to make a start on the dreaded Christmas cards. I know it is early but we are away at the end of September and I have 150 to make this year so need to get started and not leave them all to the last minute.

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

More from Norfolk

OK so I finally remembered to bring the camera down and sort the photos.Now I would normally do it in my craft room but the PC up there is giving me so much grief that it is all I can do just to get titles cut and the odd thing printed. So here goes with the next batch.



Jackie spent quit a bit of time on the roof of the boat, not when we ere going through bridges of course. I think she found it a bit of an escape from Gary for a while. Not sure you can see but she has her camera in one hand and her phone in the other!








Just a small selection of the sailing boats we saw. They looked wonderful in the sunshine and had near perfect wind conditions.










A couple more, the top one is a very traditional boat that once was used to ferry cargo about.


I use a Tim Holtz mask and spritzed the background with perfect pearls, reinker and water in a mini mister.








I used a sketch from an old magazine for this.














We saw this a couple of times, looks a bit strange in the UK and the name of the river boat (see title) makes it even odder!










I still have loads to do but they are coming along slowly but surely.

Sunday, 11 July 2010

I’ve got the camera, at last

I have spent a cool couple of hours in the attic and 2 more LOs are completed. By cool I mean the temperature, it has been really nice so far but was just getting a bit hot up there so I have left it for a while.


I feel an explanation is due first. I normally do our holiday albums in chronological order but this time I decided to do something different, partly due to the fact that I have pictures from more than one camera and partly because I can’t place some of them in time. OK I could check the date stamp but that is not an option now as I have altered them all a bit (sharpened, lightened etc) so I have them in sections. First come people, I haven’t finished all those yet but here are those I have done.

















I love the way the camera does that, these were taken within minutes of each other, same place, same lighting. Oh well. A bit of a basic LO apart from the tag which is a Distress Ink tag with the quote ‘ These are the moments I want to remember forever’ and shows everyone taking a turn at the wheel.





We stopped for lunch at the Green Man between Norwich and Wroxham, the restaurant is full of musical instruments of all types including a Euphonium!











Gary loved catching things with his net, he managed (with help) to get some fish and a shell fish, possibly and Ormer.














I love this picture of the little man, he was really good about keeping the hat on in the full sun, it was a very hot day.











This is where I started using sketches, this one from Scrapbooks etc, well my take on it anyway.











Another take on a sketch from the same source, using a Tim Holtz mask. The quote is an old one, ‘if friends were flowers I would pick you’ printed on acetate.










Last one for today is a collection of photos that include Jackie. No title yet, I am working on that and it will go top left. Quite like this one if I say it myself.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

30 degrees

is just too hot again. I managed to get a couple of LOs done first thing, before it got too bad but that was it. I am using sketches and they are really working for me. I should have the camera back in the next day or 2 then I can get some pics taken. Mind you I have told the family that they can’t see any of them till I have finished but they don’t come here so I should be safe.


I am off to have a shower to get a bit less sticky for a while.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Summer crafting

Well it’s a bit thin on the ground. One reason is that my craft space is in the attic, a converted roof space. Though it has 2 opening windows it gets fiercely hot when the sun shines, of course it is wonderful in the cooler weather. The other reason is that there is always so much more to do, the garden needs much more attention and there are evenings spent in the garden just relaxing.


Still I am scrapping again. I have 160 photos to get into the holiday album for the Norfolk Broads. I so need some inspiration though, I really feel stale, so I am on the look out for some interesting LOs that will take several pictures in a fresh way. After all there are limits to what the photos contain. People, buildings, boats. birds and general wildlife. I must have about 20 or so just of sailing boats. I am also looking to find some embellishments that I can print off. I think that will be todays task.