Thursday, 29 July 2010

Nearly there now

I have been managing to find some time each day to scrap the holiday photos and I have just 4 LOs to go and it will be finished. I am not posting them all here, there are rather a lot and some of them I have kept really simple so I can get more than a couple of photos on each page. i don’t know about you but I always find 4 or more pics can be cluttered and, when I put that many on one page I keep the embellishments and things down to a bare minimum. Anyway here are some from the last weeks efforts.



Our fist night was spent moored to the bank with this in view, the other side of the river were 2 water pumps that look like windmills. A great start to the week as it was really peaceful.









So many of the houses by the water are thatched in the traditional way. Dream homes!













I love swans, even though they can be quite aggressive, they always look so graceful.














Chris spotted this when we went for a walk and it wasn’t till we got home that I could identify it as a tiger moth caterpillar. I have a picture of the end result (the moth) which is going on a tag to add to the LO.








There are about 7 pages of mills in the album. This is the first and shows 5 different ones some working and some not. They are mainly used to pump water from the land.







The remaining ones will hopefully be completed over the next couple of days and the album will be complete. Strangely for me I know what I will be doing once it is finished. I need to make a start on the dreaded Christmas cards. I know it is early but we are away at the end of September and I have 150 to make this year so need to get started and not leave them all to the last minute.

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