Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Cats and eggs

Trying to keep up with current trends I decided to do some basic crochet, and the kat decided to help by playing Cat’s Cradles!


Took me an hour or more to unravel the knots.


On a more positive note I spent Saturday at Pickleberry altering 6 eggs I got from the 99p shop. I covered them all with gesso a couple of days before and then did something different with each one. From traditional with ribbon and pearls to gilding flakes, metal flowers and leaves, miniature watch parts on a copper dabbered base, large flowers on each side then ribbon round the middle and small flowers all over with pearl centres.


I have had terrible trouble getting the metal leaves to stick. I used epoxy resin in the end and still one fell off when I went to take the photos.




Photos aren’t brilliant but you get the idea I think.