Thursday, 26 August 2010

Mini journal

Every tine we go away I make a mini book to stuff receipts, tickets, little guides and other bits and bobs into. This time I have mad a minor change and added a couple of pages where I can jot notes as well. The pics are slightly out of focus sadly but I think you can see what I have done.




From the front! The colours are based on how I see the rocks and desert, I will probably be proved wrong.










This shows the third page which has foil flakes along the edge, in the same colours.








finally another of the list pages and a pocket for the bits.

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Catching up..

I have been very bad at bringing the camera down from the craft room and uploading the stuff I have done so this is a bit of a catch up on the last few weeks. Hopefully I can get back into the habit of posting daily after our holiday at the end of September.


First a couple from our family BBQ a couple of weeks ago. The boys love Hula Hoops, potato based snacks that will just fit on their fingers. I just had to take these DSCF9651.















They had great fun playing Piggie in the middle with Dean.  DSCF9652















The next few are from our holiday and are all going into a home made album, 8 x 8, for Deans birthday. He really liked looking at the big album I made and we thought he would like one for himself. I have only put some of them here.DSCF9655


DSCF9657 DSCF9658
















That’s it for now – all caught up.


Oh and I got my texture plates for the Big Shot today, had a play and made a few ‘bellies’ for Christmas cards. Even got one made. Think I am going to have fun with them.

Christmas project

I have decided to make some more house decorations this year and this is the first. It will be a tree (you can probably work that out for yourself) and I am still trying to decide on the embellishments I want to put on it. I think it will be Utee on chipboard as I have some seasonal shapes that I can use. As usual it is a blue base, most of our newer bits are blue and certainly the ones I have made are. this time i have spritzed with green and silver. It looks a bit messy at the moment but it will take shape – I hope.


Sunday, 1 August 2010

Family Day

I will get to scrap these, might even make a mini album of the wonderful day we have had. Here is a taster




Jackie & Alan with their respective offspring.











Dean playing ‘piggy in the middle’ with the 2 boys.















2 1/2 years old loving an ipod!













a friendly visitor










Father & Son













Steph & Connor