Thursday, 6 September 2012

Prima Home show at Bluewater

I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to the show which is on this weekend and I went this morning. What a pleasant surprise form the last one I went to, at ExCel some years ago. This was over both floors with the Stitches show upstairs and the paper craft etc. on the lower floor. Firt though I had to get in with just a printed letter, went to the desk n the ground floor - they sent me to Enquiries on the first floor. They then had to check but in the end it was join the queue with the rest and hand over the letter and I was in! As I was now upstairs I browsed round the wools, fancy sewing machine some nearly £5000.00!!!!!, had a look at some quilting and patchwork, chatted to the West Kent WI ladies and generally enjoyed looking. I had already decided that I wanted to get some wool for a project but wanted to get that last so I went down to the other floor and had a browse. I saw Barbara, she was demoing but had time for a quick chat. There was no-one else I knew though. I found a couple of Dreamweaver stencils I have been after for a while and some papier mâché Xmas trees to alter. They came with some napkins but I am not sure if they will both be covers with them. Then it was back upstairs to get some sewing bits I had seen, a needle threaders - in desperate need of that now as I can't see to do it even with my glasses on! I also got a neat light with a magnifier so I can see what I am doing at night as well. Then it was off to get the wool. Right now I am doing this on my IPad and it won't let me add a photo so I will add that to FB separately. There is no wool in the picture because that is for a special project to come later.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Was it worth it?

Well, yes I think it was.


In my usual fashion I went ahead and made some things but never thought about the end result. 2 crocheted cushion covers later and nothing to stuff them with meant out with the measure, put the details on my phone and off to Dunelm to see if I could get anything the right size. After going through all the cushion pads and converting my inches to cm there was nothing in the right size. Then we spotted some ready covered cushions in the sale and one was the perfect size so round cushion sorted. I sill had an oblong one to fill but nothing was small enough so it was a case of get the best and reduce it in size to fit.


before 1






before 2






Before photos, not really my style but so much cheaper than the plain ones !







The fun was reducing the size of the oblong one, I took so much stuffing out of it I have enough to fill another one, and I found some white fabric in my box to make the pad with too. Anyway that is for the future, here are the finished ones and I have to say I really like them both.


after 1





after 2














The next project is underway, some little stars to hang in place of the bunting for the Christmas look, but more on those nearer the time.


On another subject I will be off to the opening day of Jennies new Craft Store and Art Bar tomorrow. I am really excited to see what they have done.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

We have a new unit all for me!

When Kate’s shop was being closed and lots of the fittings were being sold I managed to get the Ikea unit that had been in the entry porch. I had always loved the way all the things were shown in it, all the workshops and other bits and pieces, and I hankered after something similar as we only have 2 of the four cube sets and they were full of albums. It was perfect but sadly the finish that had worked so well in the shop wasn’t right for the conservatory so, with Chris’s help, it was peeled, sanded and painted white. We then had to wait for someone strong to come and lift it into place.


While all that was going on I was busy crocheting bunting, flowers and a bird to soften it a bit and make it look pretty.


This is the unit with most in place except the flowers, you can just see them on the top left shelf. 20120808_184749








The flowers are now attached and the bird is hanging. The idea is that the flowers will be swapped with Christmas items when the time comes as I have just tied them in place.


Of course I now need more workshops to go to and make some more things to fill the rest up. At least I have my albums all in one place now!


Finally thanks to Jane for the unit and Kate for trying to get it in the van, it was just too big but we got it organised in the end.

Monday, 16 July 2012

Saturday Workshop

I went to the last workshop at Pickleberry on Saturday. Sadly Kate has closed her shop as she is moving to the Midlands to be with her family. It is great for her as things are all coming together and I am pleased it is, finally. Keeping everything crossed that it goes smoothly now.


Kate has been responsible for creating so many new friendships over the last 3 years and so many people are so grateful that she was near (or far) from them to be able to do that.


OK I will get too gloomy and sad if I continue on that vein so let me show you what we made.




Jennie from The Artistic Stamper took us through all the techniques to create this. You can’t see but it is a box with a hinged lid. We painted the outside in a dark colour then stamped and embossed with clear embossing powder. Painted over in a darker colour then waited for it to dry. Once dry we removed some of the paint with a damp cloth to reveal the embossed detail underneath. The we started on the panels. Briefly they are stamped into UTEE, UTEE in a mould, stamped into Terra, metal passed through an embossing folder then alcohol inked, distressed with an embellishment added and finally distressed, stamped and another embellishment added, I have just noticed that my spinner needs to be added to the bottom middle tile.


What a great day, good fun, good company and good laughs.

Busy, busy

I have been making more cushion covers and learned another new crochet stitch. In fact I have changed the way it is shown on the web and found it easier (at least I think so).


The first one is another way of using the wiggly pattern, Instead of working round it is worked diagonally. You will see what I mean - blog 2











It is the one on the right, I have a close up as well which I will post in a minute. The one on the left is my adaptation of crocodile stitch. All the directions online and on You Tube were quite complicated to do but I did do a sample of a couple of rows. Basically they all showed how to do it row by row. Now the stitch is worked on a grid, similar to the wiggly stitch, so I thought I could make the whole grid and use that. Another sample made and it worked so I did it that way. Yes making the grid is tedious but once done it was fine.


Here are close ups of both


blog 4


blog 3

Both were worked in Double Knitting wool and I think they will both wear well.


Off to find the picture of the box I made on Saturday – posting that later.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Bird Houses

I was looking for something to make/alter and hang in the conservatory along with some other bits and I had a go at a couple of mini bird houses. I am really pleased with them, if I am honest I prefer the green one but there are those that will understand that! Anyway here they are, details to follow.

















First I painted using the base colour of green or blue then I spread Terra on the roofs and left it all to dry ( there was a lot of waiting to dry!). Then more of the base colour on the roofs. (More drying)


Then it was time to think of embellishments, I had a metal bird which I dipped into alcohol ink, some blue but don’t ask me which one. I also had some metal flowers and they were dipped in a rust alcohol ink and all were stuck on with Glossy Accents. Then came the flowers from the Tattered Flower Garland Sizzix die and some lace edging left over from a class. They were all coloured with Distress Inks. Once assembled it looked as if it needed something else so I found some metallic paste and rubbed on complimentary colours, silver on the green base and copper on the blue.


All in all quite please with the result.


Supplies from Pickleberry or The Artistic Stamper

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Making things

I have been in a productive mood recently and have found something to do while I am watching the TV in the evenings.


We had a crochet lesson at WI a couple of months ago and it reminded me that I can crochet. OK I don’t hold the wool and needle the way you should, I hold it as if I am knitting, but it works for me. I have also found some amazing patterns thanks to Carol (the crochet Queen) and surfing the web. Here are the 3 I have made so far.



The colours don’t show well here, they are pale pink, pale lilac and a light sage green. This was the first one I made and I need to make another one to perfect the increasing in the inner rounds. I am not sure what the stitch is called but I like to call it ‘shell stitch’.







I changed the lilac for pale blue for this bobbly one, the first I have made that is square and needed the edges kept straight. this I call loopy stitch as that is what it is created from, loops.









Finally my favourite, my cappuccino cushion. this is a 2 stage piece, make a grid then use the grid as a foundation for the ruffles. Once I got the hang of it it was really quick to do.


I also have a grey and white long pillow in the making, using this pattern but it has had to be set aside for a sweater I am making for Michael’s birthday.



I am off to a workshop today at Pickleberry with the lovely Jennie from The Artistic Stamper for a follow up Altered Book day. More pages to add to the one we started a couple of months ago.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Cats and eggs

Trying to keep up with current trends I decided to do some basic crochet, and the kat decided to help by playing Cat’s Cradles!


Took me an hour or more to unravel the knots.


On a more positive note I spent Saturday at Pickleberry altering 6 eggs I got from the 99p shop. I covered them all with gesso a couple of days before and then did something different with each one. From traditional with ribbon and pearls to gilding flakes, metal flowers and leaves, miniature watch parts on a copper dabbered base, large flowers on each side then ribbon round the middle and small flowers all over with pearl centres.


I have had terrible trouble getting the metal leaves to stick. I used epoxy resin in the end and still one fell off when I went to take the photos.




Photos aren’t brilliant but you get the idea I think.

Wednesday, 21 March 2012

An altered book workshop

Once again an unusual class at Pickleberry Papercrafts last Saturday.


I was expecting this to be really difficult, along with the others there. Taking a book, tearing out pages, slapping paint and glue on them and cutting bits out was something we all had a problem with. When it came to it though I was able to forget it was a book and treat it like any other supply at a class.


I didn’t have my camera so have had to rely on any pics I could get from elsewhere and, thankfully, Jennie from The Artistic Stamper took one of my double page with tags.



Yes that is me hiding behind it too.  As always I hate my photo being taken and people do try so hard!!!


This bit of the book took 8 pages, stuck together in pairs then the centre 2 folded to make the pockets. Inks, Jennie’s new stamps, tissue tape and spritzed water gave the effects.


I am looking forward to adding some more at a later date.


I am now doing Tim’s online class, though I am not doing the physical side of it as I am having to be careful with my shoulder. I am watching the videos and printing out the PDFs. I am loving the videos even though I have done a fair bit of what has been covered so far, there are still new bits, or bits I haven’t picked up on before.


Now I need to do some proper work!

Monday, 5 March 2012


We have 4 birthdays from the end of February to the 5th march, 2 grandsons, daughter and daughter in-law so the card factory is in production about this time. The boys didn't get anything too special but the girls got these.
I made them a while ago but couldn't post till today, by the time this gets published they will have seen them I hope!! Happy birthday boys and girls.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Graphic 45 box, altered

I have decided to try and do all the 12 tags for 2012 from Tim Holtz and needed somewhere to try and keep them together, well that is the plan anyway. If they end up too 3d I will need to rethink but the idea is there. Anyway I found a Graphic 45 box that I covered in Tim paper, large clock faces, the inside I sprayed and distressed, along with the front. I then stuck tiny watch parts on the front - oh take a look and you will see.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

Stuff from the past..

I need something to do this afternoon so I have taken some photos of 2 embroideries I did some years ago - just to show I don't just mess with paper and ink! They both hang in our living room and are now over 20 years old. This is the first I did
and is my favourite. Both are from Dimensions kits and in crewel embroidery. The second is in finer wool and embroidery thread and had far more of the image pre done.
I will be back with more projects that are completed.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

I had a scrappy time

I spent last Saturday making a start on the wedding album and then cut the titles on the Eclips and did a few more LOs during the week. I haven’t finished yet, I need some more photos so I will have to wait for them to arrive from Australia.


Here is what has been done so far.


The venue was at a hotel on the outskirts of Sittingbourne, the Bride arrived through this door so she wouldn’t see the Groom.













As Debbie (the bride) wanted a red car Chris offered ours and we decked it out with ribbons and a posy on the rear shelf.











The best man was a friend of Peter’s from Australia but he works in London right now.












A soft focus photo of the bride, think this needs something else, maybe something to soften the edges of the mat.











Self explanatory this one!

























I need some more family photos to turn this into a 2 page LO.










A double page of the table and some of the guests, I also need some of the other guests.


Finally for now, I took a couple of the photographer, he was brilliant and I though it important that they had some of him a swell.



Monday, 30 January 2012

I am the proud owner of... Eclips cutter with eCal software and it is all working beautifully. It arrived on Thursday and I got is all working in the lounge where I could just play with it as a stand alone machine. That was a good idea as I had lots of fun using the things on the 2 supplied cartridges and made some embellishments for the wedding album. The mat was too sticky to start with but it settled down fast and I was soon cutting away. I got the software installed over the weekend and Sunday I spent in the attic getting it sorted out there and getting all the free files I had found put in their folders. Then I finished off the work I did on Saturday with titles. I had to fiddle a bit to get the driver to work, just as well I know where the 'System' folder is and how to check the USB connection. For some unknown reason it needed mending. Still all done now and You will be able to see the fruits of my cutting when I get the photos sorted and posted, hopefully in the next few days. Oh and it could well be with a nice shiny new Fuji camera which is due to arrive sometime this week.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

Wedding card

Here is the card I made for the happy couple.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Place cards for the wedding

Just a quick post to get these recorded. Chris suggested the 'tent' card idea and it really worked. Peter & Debbie loved them and, apparently, the hotel want my details as they have never seen anything like them before !!!
I have to say I do like them and wouldn't have thought of using the format if Chris hadn't suggested it so a big thankyou to him.