Monday, 16 July 2012

Saturday Workshop

I went to the last workshop at Pickleberry on Saturday. Sadly Kate has closed her shop as she is moving to the Midlands to be with her family. It is great for her as things are all coming together and I am pleased it is, finally. Keeping everything crossed that it goes smoothly now.


Kate has been responsible for creating so many new friendships over the last 3 years and so many people are so grateful that she was near (or far) from them to be able to do that.


OK I will get too gloomy and sad if I continue on that vein so let me show you what we made.




Jennie from The Artistic Stamper took us through all the techniques to create this. You can’t see but it is a box with a hinged lid. We painted the outside in a dark colour then stamped and embossed with clear embossing powder. Painted over in a darker colour then waited for it to dry. Once dry we removed some of the paint with a damp cloth to reveal the embossed detail underneath. The we started on the panels. Briefly they are stamped into UTEE, UTEE in a mould, stamped into Terra, metal passed through an embossing folder then alcohol inked, distressed with an embellishment added and finally distressed, stamped and another embellishment added, I have just noticed that my spinner needs to be added to the bottom middle tile.


What a great day, good fun, good company and good laughs.

Busy, busy

I have been making more cushion covers and learned another new crochet stitch. In fact I have changed the way it is shown on the web and found it easier (at least I think so).


The first one is another way of using the wiggly pattern, Instead of working round it is worked diagonally. You will see what I mean - blog 2











It is the one on the right, I have a close up as well which I will post in a minute. The one on the left is my adaptation of crocodile stitch. All the directions online and on You Tube were quite complicated to do but I did do a sample of a couple of rows. Basically they all showed how to do it row by row. Now the stitch is worked on a grid, similar to the wiggly stitch, so I thought I could make the whole grid and use that. Another sample made and it worked so I did it that way. Yes making the grid is tedious but once done it was fine.


Here are close ups of both


blog 4


blog 3

Both were worked in Double Knitting wool and I think they will both wear well.


Off to find the picture of the box I made on Saturday – posting that later.