Monday, 16 July 2012

Busy, busy

I have been making more cushion covers and learned another new crochet stitch. In fact I have changed the way it is shown on the web and found it easier (at least I think so).


The first one is another way of using the wiggly pattern, Instead of working round it is worked diagonally. You will see what I mean - blog 2











It is the one on the right, I have a close up as well which I will post in a minute. The one on the left is my adaptation of crocodile stitch. All the directions online and on You Tube were quite complicated to do but I did do a sample of a couple of rows. Basically they all showed how to do it row by row. Now the stitch is worked on a grid, similar to the wiggly stitch, so I thought I could make the whole grid and use that. Another sample made and it worked so I did it that way. Yes making the grid is tedious but once done it was fine.


Here are close ups of both


blog 4


blog 3

Both were worked in Double Knitting wool and I think they will both wear well.


Off to find the picture of the box I made on Saturday – posting that later.

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