Wednesday, 21 March 2012

An altered book workshop

Once again an unusual class at Pickleberry Papercrafts last Saturday.


I was expecting this to be really difficult, along with the others there. Taking a book, tearing out pages, slapping paint and glue on them and cutting bits out was something we all had a problem with. When it came to it though I was able to forget it was a book and treat it like any other supply at a class.


I didn’t have my camera so have had to rely on any pics I could get from elsewhere and, thankfully, Jennie from The Artistic Stamper took one of my double page with tags.



Yes that is me hiding behind it too.  As always I hate my photo being taken and people do try so hard!!!


This bit of the book took 8 pages, stuck together in pairs then the centre 2 folded to make the pockets. Inks, Jennie’s new stamps, tissue tape and spritzed water gave the effects.


I am looking forward to adding some more at a later date.


I am now doing Tim’s online class, though I am not doing the physical side of it as I am having to be careful with my shoulder. I am watching the videos and printing out the PDFs. I am loving the videos even though I have done a fair bit of what has been covered so far, there are still new bits, or bits I haven’t picked up on before.


Now I need to do some proper work!

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  1. I was so hoping to do that class but just couldn't manage it ! :(

    Absolutely love what you've done with your altered book pages!! Looks like that was a fun class.

    Thanks for sharing

    Jackie x