Thursday, 6 September 2012

Prima Home show at Bluewater

I was lucky enough to win a pair of tickets to the show which is on this weekend and I went this morning. What a pleasant surprise form the last one I went to, at ExCel some years ago. This was over both floors with the Stitches show upstairs and the paper craft etc. on the lower floor. Firt though I had to get in with just a printed letter, went to the desk n the ground floor - they sent me to Enquiries on the first floor. They then had to check but in the end it was join the queue with the rest and hand over the letter and I was in! As I was now upstairs I browsed round the wools, fancy sewing machine some nearly £5000.00!!!!!, had a look at some quilting and patchwork, chatted to the West Kent WI ladies and generally enjoyed looking. I had already decided that I wanted to get some wool for a project but wanted to get that last so I went down to the other floor and had a browse. I saw Barbara, she was demoing but had time for a quick chat. There was no-one else I knew though. I found a couple of Dreamweaver stencils I have been after for a while and some papier mâché Xmas trees to alter. They came with some napkins but I am not sure if they will both be covers with them. Then it was back upstairs to get some sewing bits I had seen, a needle threaders - in desperate need of that now as I can't see to do it even with my glasses on! I also got a neat light with a magnifier so I can see what I am doing at night as well. Then it was off to get the wool. Right now I am doing this on my IPad and it won't let me add a photo so I will add that to FB separately. There is no wool in the picture because that is for a special project to come later.

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