Tuesday, 21 August 2012

We have a new unit all for me!

When Kate’s shop was being closed and lots of the fittings were being sold I managed to get the Ikea unit that had been in the entry porch. I had always loved the way all the things were shown in it, all the workshops and other bits and pieces, and I hankered after something similar as we only have 2 of the four cube sets and they were full of albums. It was perfect but sadly the finish that had worked so well in the shop wasn’t right for the conservatory so, with Chris’s help, it was peeled, sanded and painted white. We then had to wait for someone strong to come and lift it into place.


While all that was going on I was busy crocheting bunting, flowers and a bird to soften it a bit and make it look pretty.


This is the unit with most in place except the flowers, you can just see them on the top left shelf. 20120808_184749








The flowers are now attached and the bird is hanging. The idea is that the flowers will be swapped with Christmas items when the time comes as I have just tied them in place.


Of course I now need more workshops to go to and make some more things to fill the rest up. At least I have my albums all in one place now!


Finally thanks to Jane for the unit and Kate for trying to get it in the van, it was just too big but we got it organised in the end.


  1. It's perfect Rosemary, I love the bunting too!

  2. I so wanted that too but it looks good with you love the bunting

  3. Yummy unit :)) see you Saturday? and yes more workshops coming!! hehe xx