Friday, 9 July 2010

Summer crafting

Well it’s a bit thin on the ground. One reason is that my craft space is in the attic, a converted roof space. Though it has 2 opening windows it gets fiercely hot when the sun shines, of course it is wonderful in the cooler weather. The other reason is that there is always so much more to do, the garden needs much more attention and there are evenings spent in the garden just relaxing.


Still I am scrapping again. I have 160 photos to get into the holiday album for the Norfolk Broads. I so need some inspiration though, I really feel stale, so I am on the look out for some interesting LOs that will take several pictures in a fresh way. After all there are limits to what the photos contain. People, buildings, boats. birds and general wildlife. I must have about 20 or so just of sailing boats. I am also looking to find some embellishments that I can print off. I think that will be todays task.

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