Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Day 2 – an important event

‘I have had to adapt this a bit as the prompt was for ‘a significant day in your life’ obviously this doesn’t fit this blog so I had to do some searching in my mind to find an even that suited.


Picture me, someone who has made cards for a few years and also loves to travel. The travel led to piles of photos being put into albums with SITCKY STUFF (( know better now!). There was a show on a shopping channel which showcased a scrapbook album with some stickers. I placed the order and waited for it to arrive. Arrival day is the day I have chosen to record here.


Ding dong on the door bell and the courier was there with my parcel. I had to wait a bit to open it as I had some work to complete but soon enough I was spreading the contents on the table. This is where I start to cringe as the album is nothing like the ones I use now, no page protectors just leaves of tissue to keep the pages from sticking to each other. There was also no paper or card. Simply chipboard pages. I religiously laid out the stickers and the photos from a recent trip but somehow I wasn’t happy with just that so I got some of my background papers from my supplies and added those. I still have that album and often look at it and think I ought to strip the photos out and do it all again but I never do, and probably won’t.


So my first day of scrapping which led to me going to a crop and then I really found out what it was all about.

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