Saturday, 21 November 2009

Finally I have been crafting

I got to spend all morning and most of the afternoon sorting out my space and it is now useable at least.


I forgot to take a proper before pic so took this which just shows the space I had


as you can see I had to move the keyboard to use it. Now I have thisafter

and have room for my printer, Craft robo, embossing machine and my photo printer which has been hidden in a cupboard for ages.


I still have more organising to do, the area to the left of me is cube storage and has all my paper and cardstock, books, tools and things. This will have to wait till I get my new unit for my inks and powders.


it is quite possible that other things will move as well but, right now, it is working well. I have spent a couple of hours on a project which I will possibly finish tomorrow and it was so much easier to work.


  1. That's a great craft space! Nice to have it all out and organized :)

  2. wow loads of space, can u send me some please?
    jo xxx

  3. Great crafting space, wish I so much too. I have to share the dining room table with DH. LOL