Monday, 23 November 2009

A digi day

I have decided that I need to collect all my digi stuff together and sort it in so I can find stuff when I want it. This all came about because I wanted  to get some templates done for Journal Your Christmas which I am doing for the second time. Last year I did all digi but this year I want to do a hybrid journal. I knew I had some seasonal embellishments tucked away somewhere but with access 2 PCs and a laptop I had trouble tracking them down. So armed with by external drive I got them all in one place. I was quite surprised at the amount I had too, something for every occasion and, with the aid of colourising in Photoshop I probably have all I want for now. Not that I will stop looking and downloading.


I am going to spend the evening trying to sort a bit more and then get those templates doen.

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