Thursday, 19 November 2009


Shimelle’s class has suggested Please & Thank you for today so I have a question as the Please bit.


I am looking for storage for my tiny bits, eyelets, grommets, beadlets, buttons,etc currently I have them in a small case with dividers but the case is so big it is tucked away and I forget I have them so they stay where they are. Any suggestions for some thing a bit more visible.


For my Thank you I have to say a big Thanks to everyone who has viewed my blog and in particular everyone who has left comments. you have no idea how warm it has made me feel.


For my crafting today, again I can’t show you as it will spoil the surprise (how many times am I reading that right now!) but I will be making a Digi Christmas card which I will be sending out early in December.


  1. Hi Rosemary

    I've just transferred my little bits/brads/eyelets etc into a revolving silver spice rack from Argos which is working well for me (I previously had them in compartmentalised boxes like you and never got them out of the cupboard). Hope this helps


  2. i use little pots from asda which are 25 pence and see through.
    Jo xxx

  3. Hi! These little jars at Ikea are my favorite thing at the moment for storing small things in plain sight.
    At some point, I want to have an entire wall shelf filled with them, organised first by item, then by colour! (Can you tell that I'm an organisation freak?)
    - Meghann from Blogging for Scrapbookers