Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Taking shape

My craft room that is. Before today I had a smallish desk with screen, Bamboo tablet, keyboard, craft mat and various other things on the top. Then I had a variety of other cupboards and things which had my Craft Robo and printer on.  Now I have 2 desks, side by side so everything is on the one level and, once I get it all sorted out it will be so much better. I will take pics when it is done.


I am really tired at the moment, we have had to put all the furniture back where it belongs, rehang all the curtains and clean top to bottom, and there will be more tomorrow as they didn’t quite finish today.


I have some more snowflakes to make this evening, I really want to get them done so I can get pics of them completed and maybe even hung a bit early (DH willing!)


Off to have a soak in the bath to ease my aches.


  1. I'm a little like you were at the moment. Just one desk and it's full up with my computer, my wacom tablet and stuff. I've been trying to talk my husband in to letting me get an additional table so I can get out my Cricut permanently which hopefully means I would use it more!!!

  2. Looking forward to seeing this room when it is all finished. I absolutely love the photos you have used in earlier posts, such a fabulous wealth of family history to be working with.

  3. Can't wait to see pictures of your completed space :)

  4. How exciting to be working on your craft room...hard work but oh so worth it. Can't wait for the photos