Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Travel pocket books

I mean books with pockets and not the ones you keep in a pocket. We are hopefully having 2 holidays this year and I need to make a book for each so I have somewhere to keep receipts, tickets etc. I keep a written journal or blog for our holidays and have done for ages now, they get printed off and included in the album(s) I make for each. I also have all these little books with lots of bits in them that haven’t made it into the albums. I love looking back through them and seeing what we bought, where we ate and stayed and some of the things we did.


Ideas for this year are coffee filter books, tag books, concertina books and anything else I can find for a change.


Our first holiday will be to Norfolk in June where we have a boat for a week so this will be a nature based theme. We haven’t finally decided on the second holiday but it will be at the end of September and somewhere there is still some warmth and sunshine so this may be a ‘hot’ theme. More as I get things organised.


Off to watch QVC for a couple of hours, maybe there will be some inspiration there.

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