Sunday, 21 March 2010

Mmmmm metal

I had a play with metal this morning and I think I need to find someone who is already used to using it. I need a few more ideas than using embossing moulds and peel offs. I did find out one co0l thing though.


The metals I have are purple one side and silver the other so I embossed to use the purple as the top, then I tidied it up and sanded it, that showed the silver through which I liked. However I made a few mistakes and some sanded bits were not what I wanted. I decided to try and paint the wrong bits with some alcohol inks. I have a pen that you fill with alcohol inks but I have filled it with blending solution. I tried the ink fill but all that happened was the purple came off, clearly the blending solution was removing the purple. So I did learn that at least. I also found out that my stamping mat is perfect for embossing on, not too soft but just right.


I have been trying to watch some more of the videos but they are buffering just too much to watch sensibly. Maybe I will have a look for some more or try and see if I can find a workshop somewhere.

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