Thursday, 18 March 2010

All upside down

That’ me at the moment. I can’t seem to get back to my routine and it is driving me nuts. I am OK in the morning but come lunchtime and it all goes to pot. I have got used to having lunch then spending some time on crafting. Now that can be half an hour with a mag, watching TV shows live or recorded or getting into my craft room and doing some.  Then in the evening, after supper, settling down to catch up on blogs and blogging. The last bit is the most difficult right now and I seem to be failing badly.


I am hoping that actually putting this here will drive me to get back on track.


So Wednesday saw my metal sampler arrive. I have some basic tools and some metal to play with. I put a piece through my embossing machine and it worked perfectly, I want to try alcohol ink on it later. There are lots of videos on the Ten Second Studios site and I want to take a look at those.


Catch you later I hope.

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