Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Unmounted stamp storage.

I have tried a couple of ways to store all my unmounted stamps, both rubber and acrylic, and none of them has been ideal.


I am one of those people, if I can’t see it it won’t get used. So I dismissed boxes with tabs. Lever arch files with cling pages are OK but I found the cling wore out and I would pick up the folder and several would drop out. So imagine my delight when I found another method in the latest edition of Craft Stamper. Over sized matchbooks is the description, with acetate sheets to stick the stamps to so they are all visible and with several ‘matchbooks’ in one book which means I can keep things together. I have plans now and they involve having themed books with small tags hanging off the binding to show what is in the book, also the covers will be stamped with the relevant images. Can’t wait to get started now.

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