Tuesday, 23 February 2010

The early bird…..

I am al most always up by 5.30 at the latest, unless I have had a particularly late night of course. Well this morning it was 5.00 but I had the temptation of Mr Holtz on QVC as I had recorded the launch of his TSV and yes I succumbed. The book looks really interesting and will further my wish to learn more techniques.


That wasn’t the ‘early bird’ bit, that is to do with the Distress Inks I ordered yesterday. I was watching the launch show and they came on – and they sold out in no time at all so if I had waited till today I would not have got them.


I have lots of other stuff to watch and there is more to come tonight. When I will get to try things out I have no idea but the note book is filling up with so much, that is all I seem to do, make notes!

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