Saturday, 20 February 2010

MIA yesterday – back now

Yesterday just got away from me, didn’t feel too good and then we had a charity quiz in the evening. Never mind I have been busy today.


I mentioned the other day that I had found a way of storing my acrylic and unmounted stamps and I have made a start on the ‘matchbooks’. 20100220_1


Here are the first 3. I have used some red bazzill – got lots of red and pink and I don’t use it very often so it needs using up.


I am trying to theme the folders, these are swirls and scrolls and I plan some where I have collections that go together and some for florals, alphas etc. not sure if it will work out all the time. The idea is to bind them either with jump rings or the Bind It all, then I plan to have small tags on the ends showing what is in each book. I still have to work out what to use for the covers, cardstock is not strong enough on it’s own so I may have to stick 2 or 3 layers together or find something thicker. That is not a priority at the moment though.


I am off do continue with the necklace now


  1. OHH my gosh that is soo cool! Great idea about the jump rings and making books of them! Great!!!