Sunday, 21 February 2010

Cold and wet

A perfect day to do some crafting. I finished off the necklace and forgot to take a photo of it, note to self – must do that tomorrow. Then I spent a couple of hours making more folders for my stamps and found that they take up so much less room than my old storage which means I will have room for more!!!


I still haven’t decided on the covers though. I want something strong enough to withstand the use and it is looking like chipboard so I need to find some 7 inches square, the folders are 6 x 6. I may have to go for 8 x 8.


I am about to sit and plan what programmes I want to record on Tuesdays QVC. With the guests they have I could end up recording it all, assuming there is nothing DH wants and Tuesdays can be difficult as there is always lots on in the evening we want to watch, all at the same time.

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