Thursday, 3 December 2009

The best laid plans and all that

I had such great plans for today, to finish off my clipboard and make a start on a birthday card I need to make, and some invites to a party we are holding. Then we found out that Stef (DIL) was not at all well so we offered to have Connor for the afternoon so she could get some rest. Poor love she has a nasty ear infection and a useless doctor. We will be having him tomorrow as well so probably no progress then either.


Still I have been doing some sketches. I have had this aversion to white space, I simply can’t do it. That was until I saw Carol Vordeman talking about every day maths. She talked to a photographer and brought in the ‘spiral’ that appears in nature so much. Imagine the shapeammonite of the ammonite. Place this on a page,  say bottom right and the centre of the  shape is the focal point.


Well I have 3 sketches and I am going to try them in digi to start with. I will post when I have done.

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