Saturday, 23 January 2010

Florists wire.

Why is it so difficult to find right know I have no idea. I wanted to get some to form stems on the faux porcelain flowers I want to make. Went to our local garden centre to get some along with some oasis to use while making and for the end result. I found the oasis, with help, but they had no wire at all. There is a craft shop on the same site and they only had stuff that was too light. I ended up in the model shop where they had some, quite expensive but at least I have it now and can get on tomorrow.


I have been designing some cutting files for the Robo, flowers with 6 petals to use for the faux porcelain and some nice swirls so I have some ready for other projects. I have a snowflake half done for the snowy LOs I want to do as well. That should get finished after supper.

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