Sunday, 17 January 2010

52 in 10

I have combined the second prompt from 52 in 10 with a sketch challenge from I was chatting yesterday and said I have this pile of pink cardstock that I never use so I took the opportunity to use some of that as well. I have also used the faux porcelain flower we made yesterday, I love that and intend to make some more in various sizes.


aimsWhat is it with cameras and the web, the colours all tone on the actual page but the flower looks totally different here. Oh well c’est la vie!


I also took a photo of the pieces I made yesterday, and a couple I have done today, they are not stuck to the canvas yet as I want to put something behind them and probably rearrange them.

uteeMy favourites are the three down the left and the middle one. Such a shame the textures don’t show up so well.

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