Friday, 8 March 2013

Fruit Crates!

Well with artistic license I suppose they are. I found these little boxes at my local store – yes the lovely Artistic Stamper – and knew they were perfect for my herb collection in the kitchen. They are very simply decorated with a base of gesso, some Distress Paint on top. that was left to dry and then I random stamped all over with leaves and flowers. Of course I then had to find something for the small one as it is quite tiny for pots. It is now full of 3 tomato pots which just fit in the top, they are growing on till I can get them in the greenhouse. The pot cover on the big one in the middle needs some attention and I see some red and hot as it holds a chilli plant.





Goodness I have just noticed the sun was trying to shine, a sign of better things to come.


Have a lovely day, we are off to Heathrow this afternoon to drop a neighbour who is off to Australia for 3 weeks –think I am jealous.

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  1. OHH I hope you have a lovely ride to the airport! It has been an exceptionally beautiful day here. I miss you! I have a new blog called My Obsession with my artwork it is come check out this awesome card I made! I love those little boxes and that is a great idea to stamp them!