Tuesday, 12 March 2013

A good find

I was looking for something to use the gorgeous Graphic 45 Bird Song papers I had left over from the book and decided I wanted to alter a small set of drawers and make it look like an oriental, black lacquer box. I hunted everywhere for something in wood or MDF but nothing seemed right. Then I popped into one of the charity shops in town and there it was. A wooden jewellery box with 3 drawers and a pull down each end with dingy foam in them, supposedly to take rings. shame I didn’t take any pics before really but it was just a darkish wood all over with tatty handles.


Plan of action was to take off the handles, easy peesie!  they just pulled off. Then give everything a gentle sand and paint it with black acrylic as a bas. That went fine and 2 coats of paint later it looked so different.


The drawers had moulding on them so I highlighted the valleys and then cut strips of Bird Song to fit the tops. Originally I was going to stamp the sides and top but when I did one it just didn’t look right so I covered it up with more paper and kept it really simple. The only other things were the handles for the drawers and the inside of the old ring holders. The handles were easy, I had some pearl beads, very traditional in Chinese circles. The ring drawers took some though but I eventually decided on gold stamped images on red. I used a figure and a willow tree on each.




It now takes pride of place in our living room and, if you look from a distance you could ‘just’ mistake it for a lacquered piece.

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