Sunday, 30 May 2010

Have I got my inspiration back?

I hope so. I made it to my desk yesterday and sorted through my old magazines to see what I wanted to keep. I normally wait a few months then flick through for projects I like, or techniques. I pull them from the mags and stick them in an A4 note book. I then write any notes on the pages and, when I have finished sticking I go back to see the others I have and often that fires the imagination. Sadly there was not one article I wanted to keep from about 8 magazines. Maybe I am reading the wrong ones. I have kept the Craft Stamper mags intact, there is so much in those and, as I subscribe ( next one due any day), it has to be good. I am considering subscribing to an online mag, there are a couple. The only problem with that is I won’t have anything to put in my book!


Oh and I got a couple of very ordinary LOs done from our 2002 trip. Maybe that is the problem, all I have is old stuff to scrap – need a holiday to get some new photos to work on.

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