Monday, 3 January 2011

Christmas decs

I had these left over from the Advent boxes I made the girls and wanted to use them for this Christmas but I only got the red one finished. I only needed the stamping on the blue one but only got that done yesterday so now the will both be packed away till next year.





The tops on both are embossed metal with alcohol inks added. The red one has some more metal, distressed music paper and some lacy ribbon. The blue has the same paper and one of my favourite stamps embossed in silver (looks white in the photo).


I have started another project. I got these tubes with some wall art in 588763.001


and just couldn’t throw them out. I have put the first coat of paint on them, one in red and one blue, they need a second coat and then I will slowly decorate them through the year. Thankfully the ribbons either come out or can be masked. They are going to ne a bit of a challenge as I haven’t done anything that isn’t flat before.

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  1. Darn... OYY!! I posted then hit the wrong button and now I have to rewrite and it was such a good one... LOL OK lets see,, the gist was... wow I love those stockings and I can't wait to see what you do with your tubes...I wonder if I can find some naked ones to do.