Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Arizona layouts

I seem to be taking ages with these, not the normal rush that I do. I think it is because I do other things these days but I have also had some mojo problems. I am gradually getting them done though, about half way through now. I have completed one 8 1/2 x 11 album of the Grand Canyon, the pics are great for us but I suspect pretty boring for others. I have another album the same size for the Tombstone photos. Chris put in a special request that we have a separate one just for that. The rest of the photos will take up 2 12 x 12 albums and the first is now full. Here is a selection of some of the contents.


photo 1

Downtown Tucson, taken from the Interstate. We saw this view a lot as we drove this road almost every time we went out for a day.










photo 2


We stumbled across this amazing Western shop in flagstaff. I used to work in shoe shops part time while I was studying but I have never seen so many boots in one place. All colours and lengths, and yes they are real chaps hanging on a rail as well.






photo 3


A composite of 3 photos made up this view of the Canyon. The most amazing place I think I have been to.


The map was in one of the free guides we picked up.







photo 4


This was one amazing place, Davis Montham, otherwise know as the ‘Bone Yard’ and huge area covered in so many planes all mothballed.









photo 5


Finally there had to be one of the car we had (sorry about the reflection). We did manage a few trips with the top down but it was far too hot a lot of the time, much to Chris’s disgust.








I will no doubt get round to showing a few more when they are done.

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